Price: $230.95


    PurTabs NaDCC are a multi-purpose EPA Registered disinfecting and sanitizing tablet that dissolves easily for use with the Protexus Electrostatic Spraying System.

    The active ingredient in PurTabs is Sodium Troclosene (NaDCC). While it does provide chlorine for disinfection purposes, it is not a hypochlorite, as is bleach. The chemistry and mode of action of NaDCC is significantly different, providing a product that is more effective and more stable than hypochlorites, particularly in the presence or organic contaminants. NaDCC is an organic chlorine donor that forms a use-solution with a pH of 6-7. When NaDCC is mixed with water, it yields hypochlorous acid (HOCL) and monosodiumcyanurate (NaOCL) in a slightly acidic use-solution in which over 90% of HOCL is undissociated - giving it its efficacy.

    3 individual sizes allow for drop-and-go convenience and industry-leading value in situations ranging from 4-minute C Diff kills to Food Contact Surface Sanitation (NSF D2). 334 mg tablets 100 count - 12/case; 3.3 G tablets 200 count - 6/case; 13.1 G tablets 256 count - 2/case.