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Eco-Friendly (and Effective) Cleaning Products at GreenPlanet Scientific

With cleaning products, quality and effectiveness is as important as how environmentally friendly it is. At GreenPlanet Scientific we understand the fine balance between effectiveness and safety that cleaning products need to have. They need to be effective against odors like urine, dirt, and grime, while also ensuring a safe and sustainable environment for staff, customers, students and expensive facility equipment. For example, a flame-thrower might do a great job killing microorganisms but, it would also severely damage surfaces contacted by the flame – not a viable solution!

With all our products, we look at environmental impact holistically. We evaluate each of our products for these three factors:

  • Is it safe on the planet? We aim to minimize negative impact to the planet as much as possible. This is a conscious effort employed in our product development, and in “vetting” products we chose to represent for others. We make a concerted effort to strive for the best products demonstrating the least impact on the planet, while also being effective.
  • Is it hard on facilities and equipment? Lots of money can be tied up in facility equipment. Therefore, it is important to preserve the life of those facilities for as long as possible. And, for the same reasons we aim to be good to the planet, we strive for the best products that will have the least impact on the equipment and facilities you maintain.
  • Is it safe for adults, children, and animals? Protecting people and animals is a top priority for us. We strive to use products as safe as possible for use around everyone.

How we do it:

We look for items that are biodegradable or have ingredients listed as “green” if possible. Our biodegradable and/or green products would include:

  • EmergiCide
  • SteriCide
  • Stabilized Aqueous Ozone
  • PurTabs
  • BioDrain
  • SkunkAway
  • Purell Hand Sanitizers
  • PX550

We look for items that are non-corrosive too. Some facilities are acres of land under their roof. Large amounts of money are tied up in stainless steel, galvanized steel, etc.; and minimizing facility damage from corrosion makes a huge difference to the bottom line.

We look for chemical-free alternatives as much as possible, such as our aqueous ozone. Aqueous Ozone is ozonated water that breaks down into nothing more than water and oxygen.

We also look for items that are DfE - EPA certified as “Designed for the Environment,” or could qualify to be certified with submission. Products like:

  • Purell Healthcare Surface Disinfectant
  • DfE Powder Dish packets
  • Stabilized Aqueous Ozone
  • CLR Products VOC Free Glass Cleaner

At GreenPlanet Scientific we look for items that are USDA Bio-Preferred, listed by the FDA and FEMA as GRAS – “Generally Recognized as Safe.” Products such as:

  • PX550
  • SkunkAway

We create and look for products that are pH balanced (neutral solutions) such as EmergiCide disinfectant.

We look for technology and equipment that is more durable than normal, and that can-do things other equipment cannot do. Such as electrostatic sprayers like Protexus to increase surface saturation and penetration, chemical diluters (HydroClean, Lafferty) to properly proportionate and reduce the use of chemicals, and commercial-grade equipment that lasts longer - like Karcher floor scrubbers & misters, and Crossover Professional Washers & Dryers, etc.

We also provide training to explaining WHY we recommend what we do. Ensuring you and your employees are well equipped to care for, clean and disinfect whatever mess or maintenance need you have. Much of our training is available online. Check out our Ideal Disinfectant Article and other resources here: Click Here


* Environmentally friendly products at GreenPlanet Scientific balance effectiveness against odors and diseases such as COVID-19, with ensuring a safe and sustainable environment for the planet, people, and facility equipment.