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Dr. Shawn E. Seitz (President - GreenPlanet Scientific)

Click here to read Dr. Seitz's personal story of Jesus Christ in his life.

Link for Message on "He Makes No Mistakes"

Click here to listen to a Bible Message Preached by Dr. Seitz on "He Makes No Mistakes"

Link for Message on "Navigating Life's Storms"

Click here to listen to a Bible Message Preached by Dr. Seitz on "Navigating Life's Storms"

Link for Gospel Message on John Chapter 3

Click here to listen to a Gospel Message preached by Dr. Seitz on the story of Nicodemus

Link for Message "When Christ is Convenient"

Click here to listen to a Message preached by Dr. Seitz on "When Christ is Convenient" 

Link for Message "Muddy Feet"

Click here to watch a Message preached by Dr. Seitz titled "Muddy Feet"

The Christmas Story Video

Click here to watch The Christmas Story video narrated by Dr. Seitz



Hope International

Dr. Shawn E. Seitz serves as a member of the New England Board for Hope International, a global, faith-based, non-profit organization focused on poverty alleviation through microenterprise development in some of the poorest parts of the world. To learn more about Hope International and to see how you too can be involved in transforming lives and offering hope go to: 2019 Annual ReportWhat's in Your Hands Video

Feel free to visit our sister company to the Animal Care Industry by clicking on the link. Alpha Tech Pet, Inc. has been servicing the Animal Care Industry across the United States (and Internationally) since 1989. Alpha Tech Pet, Inc. services veterinary facilities, Pet Resorts, Boarding Facilities, Animal Shelters, Humane Societies, Pet Shops, Zoos, Sea World, Laboratories, Avaries, and many other types of animal care facilities.