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GreenPlanet Scientific offers every type of industrial cleaning supply for almost every type of application in a school, business, or country club. Our cleaning supplies are specifically designed to be durable and clean every surface from tabletops to floors. We also provide personal protective equipment to protect employees from exposure to cleaning products or other foreign threats. For typical surfaces such as tabletops, desktops, or countertops, we sell a variety of eco-friendly commercial cleaning supplies. Our microfiber cleaning material is designed to provide maximum coverage, sanitization, and longevity, making them a smart cleaning and economical purchase. Our microfiber materials come as either a basic rag or as a mitten that conveniently slips over the hand.

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Laundry Net
Price: $17.48
Availability: In Stock
Odell Item #: 6400 -

    Microfiber Laundry Net Specially designed polyester leno weave mesh bag for laundering microfiber mops, pads, cloths, and mitts. Laundering microfiber products in a mesh bag will minimize tangling and contamination. 24" x 36." Comes with a slip lock closure and I.D. tag.

    Disposable Synthetic Powder Free Gloves
    Price: $97.62
    Availability: Out of Stock
    Impact Item #: 3400 -

      One of our BEST DEALS. Disposable Synthetic Powder-Free Gloves, 100 gloves/box, 10 boxes per case. GREAT PRICE!Available in Medium and Large

      Green Seal Concentrated Glass Cleaner
      Price: $62.40
      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      Availability: In Stock
      Alpha Tech Pet Item #: 5550 -

        Green Seal V.O.C. Free Concentrated Glass Cleaner - gallons, 2/case 1:16 concentrate VOC Free Glass Cleaner Literature VOC Free Glass Cleaner SDS

        We sell an eco-friendly microfiber wash that brings out the true cleaning power of microfiber fabrics. We also offer a variety of scrub brushes that provide a deep clean with their abrasive brushes and rugged handles. Among our industrial cleaning supplies you can also find squeegees that are perfect not only for glass surfaces but are applicable to almost any smooth, hard surface. For your flooring needs, we also offer industrial products that are highly effective and can be used with our eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Our microfiber mop heads offer the same great longevity and sanitizing power as our microfiber rags and mittens. We also sell a variety of brooms to get into any corner or nook and cranny. To go with our brooms and mops, we also offer mop buckets and dust pans designed specifically to get the maximum usage out of your floor cleaning equipment. Besides surface cleaners, we sell other types of industrial cleaning supplies, too. We offer our customers an arsenal of eco-friendly commercial cleaning supplies including cleaning solutions and mixes. You are sure to find any type of industrial cleaning supply with GreenPlanet Scientific.