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Environmentally Friendly Sterilizer - SteriCide Disinfectant

SteriCide disinfectant ready-to-use is the only EPA registered surface sterilizer on the market and it is also a great cleaner and sanitizer. SteriCide liquid sterilant is 100% guaranteed to protect employees, equipment and facility from infectious disease with a product that is safe for the environment. In just 20 minutes SteriCide kills all microbes and spores and then breaks down into oxygen, water and carbon dioxide so, when it air dries, it's gone and residue-free.

SteriCide disinfectant is an environmentally friendly sterilizer, biodegradable, and outperforms all disinfectants and cleaners combined. And it has been specially formulated to protect stainless steel and other surfaces from corrosion. When used on non-porous surfaces it is fast at killing all microbial life.

Feature Benefit
Oxidative Chemistry
( PA + H2O2)
Rapid, Effective Microbial Kill, Even in The Presence of Heavy Bio-burden
pH 4.0-5.0 Relatively Neutral pH offering Rapid Microbial Kill and Excellent Material Compatibility
90-120 Second Disinfection Claims Reduces the Time For Device and Room Turnover
20 minute Sporicidal Claims Deliver a Sterile Device in 20 Minutes to the Site of Care
Fragrance Pleasant peppermint fragrance

SteriCide Sell Sheet
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Sanitation Assessment Tool
Questions and Answers about Ebola Virus

Kills 99.99% of major viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens in minutes