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GreenPlanet Scientific gets letters from customers...

I am the Director of Maintenance for the Bellingham Public Schools in Bellingham, Massachusetts. We service approximately 3,000 students, teachers and administrators. We met (GPS) and (ATP) in 2014 and decided to use their Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) cleaning and sanitizing system.

It was the best move we have ever made in my 12 years of servicing our district.

We were looking for an alternative to bleach and other chemicals that were not allowed in our buildings, as well as trying to cut maintenance costs. SAO made the impossible possible.

Since installing the SAO units, we have reduced our chemical use by over 60% which also means no chemical smells, eliminated all residue (no slips or falls) and have decreased student and staff absentees. We have also reduced our cleaning costs by over 60%. It was truly amazing and exceeded all expectations. For the last 5 years our student attendance has averaged 95%.

I highly recommend the SAO product and GPS/ATP. We couldn't live without it. Since the COVID-19 issue, our DPW, police department, library and town hall buildings are now using aqueous ozone sanitizing and cleaning methods.

Roger Oakley
Director of Maintenance

My name is Scott Sears, general manager for Aramark facility services at Petco park in San Diego, California. We found great results when we used aqueous ozone water to scrub our restroom floors. We immediately pulled out thick dirt from all the cracks and left us better results than any chemical degreaser or cleaning product that we used in the past two years. And we use it completely throughout our locker rooms including carpet cleaning to make sure that we stop the spread of anything that might be MRSA or that you would spread through locker room contact.

Scott Sears
General Manager
Aramark Facility Services
Petco Park, San Diego

We use the Aqueous Ozone system everywhere to clean and sanitize carpets, bathrooms, classrooms, tables, gym cafeteria, hallways restaurants, trashcans, whatever needs to be cleaned and we've eliminated about 98% of the chemicals we used to use. Also, it doesn't clog up the filters in the floor scrubbers or carpet extractors. And when the machines break down 90% of the time it's the filters but not anymore. In our main building alone it took an average of 40 hours a day to clean. Now we're down to 25 hours a day and we''ll be saving approximately 30 to $40,000 a year.

Keith Giles
Facilities Supervisor
Husson University

Our yearly cost of chemicals and cleaners could be as high as $170,000 when factoring in the delivery of those chemicals to our school system. I have reduced our current chemical budget by 80%.

Darryl Mitchell
Business Administrator
Skowhegan School District 54

The Aqueous ozone was at least as effective as the current cleaners that we were using as far as incidental, immediate cleaning. One of the nice things that we noticed, however, was that we didn't have to wait for the chemicals to react with the bacteria that we're finding on the table. It was an instantaneous cleaning process. And, it wasn't just bacteriologically affected, it was also virologically affected. It would physically break down the surrounding structure around a virus and actually attack the DNA materials inside.

Ken Johnson B.S, M.S
Analytical Chemist
Husson University

From our perspective as a school district, it's very important to have kids in school. It's also important from a financial point of view. We do get state funding based on attendance and it's important for us to keep our attendance numbers up. With the Aqueous Ozone system we were able to meet everyone's requirements.

Joseph Ortiz
Administrator Roosevelt School District
Phoenix, Arizona

We were having a tough time feeling confident about re-opening our golf course in the face of COVID-19. Thankfully, Shawn introduced us to the WysiWash and Aqueous Ozone systems which put all our fears to rest. They are so easy to use and the results are stunning. Not to mention that our members have peace of mind when we tell them all the science we are using to control this situation.

Thank you so much and please spread the word as to how impressed we are with Green Planet Scientific.

Robert Cl Pescatore, CCM
General Manager
Vesper Country Club

After a successful test at Criswell Elementary we decided to roll out the SAO cleaning system to our entire district for their restrooms, classrooms, cafeteria, gym and floors. Upon implementation we discovered that we could clean all our surfaces (even glass, wood, carpets, steel and food contact surfaces) with just one product, which replaced the 7 products we were using. Plus it cleaned and sanitized better while being more environmentally friendly and reducing harmful effects to our students and staff.

Forney Independent School District has seen 60% lower costs from that of our previous cleaning products. Out custodians are very pleased and feel they have reduced the amount of time spent cleaning, thereby giving them additional time for other duties.

Michael Holland
Superintendent of Schools
Forney, TX

I think I’ve solved it!

You were correct, it was the ------. We also use ------ in spray bottles for spot cleaning. For a short time we had switched from ------ to a different cleaner.

I can’t thank you and your team enough for working with me on this. I never would have solved this without you and your teams advice. The knowledge of the pH and concentration is what helped me to backtrack through, ask the staff the right questions, and sleuth out all the pieces.

Thank you so much!
Jez Taft
Dog Care Manager
All Dogs Gym & Inn™
Manchester, NH

My name is Elayne Reynolds and I am the owner of Forever Friends LLC, a pet supply store and K-9 training. I became aware of your great products when I was the Operations Manager for a large veterinary hospital. I was always impressed with the level of cleanliness and odor control but was constantly reminded of how effective this was when clients would enter the main area and comment on how clean it smelled. When it came time to stock the shelves it was a no brainer. I believe in offering products that I can personally vouch for and that is why I carry your germicidal disinfectants and stain/odor eliminators in a variety of sizes to offer my customers quality products at affordable prices.

Elayne Tulliani
Owner/ Forever Friends