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GreenPlanet Scientific provides consumers a wide range of cleaning solutions for almost any school, business, commercial, or industrial need. Our commercial grade disinfectant products provide excellent cleaning properties and they are environmentally safe.

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GreenPlanet Scientific offers a wide range of commercial grade disinfectants that come in various forms of application and different concentrates. For our general cleaning supplies, we provide commercial grade disinfectant products and odor control products to match any need. We sell various brands of products in either premixed ready to go spray bottles all the way up to highly concentrated blends in 55 gallon barrels. You’ll also discover that many commercial grade disinfectant products come with ready-to-use applicator tools that work directly with their own cleaning supplies, making them incredibly easy to use. No need to worry about mixing chemicals the right way! Of course, all our commercial grade disinfectants at GreenPlanet Scientific are eco-friendly.

Aside from our many options and varieties of commercial grade disinfectants, we also sell many products to help you maintain a clean and well-kept facility. With our offerings of floor mats and floor protectors, you can be assured that your floors will be well protected from outside elements like rain and mud. But if dirt does get tracked in from the outside, we offer durable cleaning equipment to make sure your floors are clean and sanitized. No matter how big the mess or how tall the task, GreenPlanet Scientific commercial grade disinfectant products and cleaning equipment are sure to meet your cleaning needs.