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    Protexus Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer PX200ES Cordless

    Professional 360° Magnetic Attraction for Deep Penetration

    The Protexus handheld electrostatic sprayer PX200ES is a powerful and effective cordless disinfector that handles surfaces fast and efficiently. Our electrostatic sprayer attacks microbes with a revolutionary enhanced disinfectant application for quick, deep distribution of electrostatic particles. Now you can easily decontaminate all surfaces in your facility more efficiently with 3X the coverage of traditional sprayers.

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    The electrostatic sprayer delivers charged, disinfecting droplets with an attractive force 15X greater than gravity. Use 3.3 PurTab tablets, SteriCide or Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) for an easy, biodegradable, earth friendly cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing solution.

    Features Benefits
    360° full coverage with 15X force of gravity Spray the front and charged particles work their way around to the back
    Light weight and ergonomic Only 4.5 pounds when full, easy on the hands, headlight to illuminate work
    Cordless battery, one hour charge, 4 hour run time Daily, uninterrupted disinfecting
    Easy to use and fast 800 sq ft. coverage per tank in just 5 minutes (vs. 24 minutes traditional)

    The PX200ES Protexus handheld electrostatic sprayer is more powerful and effective at disinfecting than any other electrostatic technology. Designed for heavy use in busy animal care facilities such as kennels, veterinary hospitals and shelters for infection prevention. The electrostatic sprayer uses magnetic attraction to all surfaces ensuring consistent, 360° application to clean, disinfect and sterilize efficiently and effectively.

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