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SkunkAway skunk odor remover
  • SkunkAway skunk odor remover
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SkunkAway® with Neutralization Factor-7 is the only product of its kind developed to completely and permanently neutralize skunk odors.


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    Skunk Odor Remover

    Eliminate Skunk Smell with SkunkAway

    SkunkAway®, with Neutralization Factor-7, is a powerful skunk odor remover that completely neutralizes skunk odor making it an immediate skunk smell eliminator. Through a proprietary NF-7 chain reaction, SkunkAway disassembles odors and reassembles them in a new odor-free matrix, making it the only skunk smell remover of its kind.

    And SkunkAway is so easy to use. Just fill the bottle with water and shake repeatedly to activate our proprietary skunk odor eliminator formulation, then apply to affected pet and surrounding area. Use it as a skunk smell remover for pets, clothing, and secondary surfaces such as car seats, camping/hunting gear, carpets, and fabrics.

    Features Benefits
    Neutralization Factor-7 Technology Immediately, and permanently acts as a skunk smell eliminator
    Green and Biodegradable All ingredients are GRAS making it safe for your animal and people
    Veterinarian Approved Formulated and approved by veterinarians and animal care specialists
    Easy to Use Just add water, shake and spray

    SkunkAway will stop skunk smell on pets fast and easy. To use, spray generously on affected area of your pet, usually hind quarters and face, covering pet's eyes during treatment. The solution should be left on the affected area for at least 20-minutes. Once activated, there's generally enough solution to treat multiple dogs.

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    NEW ENHANCED POWDERED FORMULATION. Just add water to activate.
    Original Chlorine Dioxide Formulation still available Here!

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    This stuff is the best we've found

    Found this at an expo, decided to give it a shot and boy am I glad we did! As the manager of a small dog grooming shop (that can easily become overtaken by the scent when a skunked dog comes in), we have tried so many shampoos and "tricks" that just seemed to mask the skunk smell, but this product has helped the most out of anything else we've tried. I have noticed it seems to be most effective when applied soon after the dog is sprayed instead of when owners bring their dog in a day or two later, after they've already washed them 10 times and tried the tomato and the baking soda and all the other "online tricks".

    Also, it can sometimes cause some discoloration of light/white fur- but don't panic (like I did lol), it goes away as long as you wash it out well and watch your timing and don't leave it in way too long.

    So happy to have found a product that actually works!

    New York

    Easy and works!

    I used this on my Newfoundland. It works just like it says! A day later he got wet and still no skunk smell! I used it on his halter too! I plan to keep this on hand! Thank you!

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