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Alpha Tech Pet understands the pet grooming requirements of vet clinics, animal hospitals, zoos, and other pet care facilities. We offer a wide range of pet cleaning products and pet grooming products. Our pet health products include CBD oil, shampoos (PetSuds), liquid detergents and pet odor removers. All the pet cleaning products provided by us are safe for pets and the environment. Whether you need dog grooming products or are more involved in pet health products, we want to help you find a solution. The physical and mental health of your pets is our top priority.

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OxyVet Wound Wash
Price: $104.70
Availability: In Stock
Alpha Tech Pet Item #: 5800 -

    OxyVet™ Animal Wound Cleanser Soothe and clean superficial minor skin irritation OxyVet Wound Wash acts as an excellent foaming and cleansing agent. It is a plant oil derived phospholipid complex with anti-irritation effects and long-lasting skin conditioning as well as broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. It provides strong self-preservation activity and reduces anionic formulation irritation found in most wound wash products. Naturally-derived Anti-infective cleanser Lipid Complex...

    LaundraPet laundry detergent
    Price: $72.98
    Availability: In Stock
    Alpha Tech Pet Item #: -

      Pet Laundry Detergent LaundraPet Detergent for Pet Odors & Stains LaundraPet is our pet safe, eco-friendly pet laundry detergent offering a premium solution for your animal laundry. LaundraPet is guaranteed to be the best laundry detergent for pet odors and stains and is also great as a general laundry soap for kennels, doggie daycare, veterinarians and all animal care facilities. Our scientific pet detergent formula goes beyond average dog laundry detergent by getting to the source of all pet...

      PX550 odor remover
      Price: $103.60
      Availability: In Stock
      Alpha Tech Pet Item #: 5210 -

        Pet Urine Remover PX550 Instant Urine Odor Eliminator & Pet Urine Cleaner PX550® is our easy-to-use instant pet urine odor remover spray. Our eco-friendly urine odor eliminator is fragrance free, biodegradable, non-toxic, and veterinarian approved. We guarantee that nothing like PX550® pet urine odor remover exists in the marketplace. PX550® instantly and permanently eliminates all nitrogen-based odors from pet urine, litterboxes, fecal debris, ammonia, spoiled food and more. Plus, PX550® is...

        SkunkAway skunk odor remover
        Price: $95.44
        Availability: In Stock
        Alpha Tech Pet Item #: 5600 -

          Skunk Odor Remover Eliminate Skunk Smell with SkunkAway® Permanently eliminate skunk smell with SkunkAway. This powerful and proprietary skunk odor remover completely neutralizes the musk and gets rid of skunk smells immediately. Through our proprietary Neutralization Factor-7 chain reaction, SkunkAway disassembles odors and reassembles them in a new odor-free matrix, making it the only skunk smell remover of its kind. And SkunkAway is the green skunk odor remover that is so easy to use. Just...

          PetSuds pet shampoo
          Price: $67.23
          Availability: In Stock
          Alpha Tech Pet Item #: -

            Probiotic Dog Shampoo Concentrate PetSuds Premium Hypoallergenic Pet Wash PetSuds concentrate probiotic dog shampoo for dogs deeply cleans and conditions your pet’s coat with our special hypoallergenic, biodegradable formula. PetSuds premium concentrate is the only patented, veterinarian formulated, probiotic pet shampoo and conditioner for dogs. PetSuds probiotic dog shampoo easily deep cleans and moisturizes the dog's coat, with a wonderfully calming lavender scent and essential oils, that...

            Pets with poor hygiene are susceptible to health-related issues. As a result, it’s essential that you have quality pet cleaning products for your clinic, hospital, or facility. Well- groomed pets are important for the overall health of your business and the use of premium pet cleaning products can help maintain that health. We carry the best and most popular brands which are specially formulated and designed for commercial use. These products contain high quality ingredients and produce results. Maintaining clean and hygienic surroundings in a pet care facility contributes to promoting good health of pets. However, the grooming of the pets and the pet cleaning products are so important. Be sure to check out our wide selection.