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If you are in the business of producing large amounts of reusable cleaning supplies, we here at GreenPlanet Scientific have you covered with our line of commercial laundry supplies. If your needs require even larger laundry equipment, we also have multiple solutions for industrial laundry demands. If you have adopted a true green cleaning initiative, then you have most likely committed yourself to reusing microfiber towels. Microfiber towels are an ideal instrument in implementing an eco-friendly cleaning surface as they can be washed and reused time and time again. Since you most likely are using your microfiber towels in perhaps the least of clean places, you want to ensure that they come out of the wash as clean and sanitary as the day you bought them. Through our commercial laundry supplies, we offer specific cleaners to be used when you launder your microfiber products to achieve just that very goal. Of course, what good is a detergent if you have nothing to use it with?

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Laundry Net
Price: $17.48
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Odell Item #: 6400 -

    Microfiber Laundry Net Specially designed polyester leno weave mesh bag for laundering microfiber mops, pads, cloths, and mitts. Laundering microfiber products in a mesh bag will minimize tangling and contamination. 24" x 36." Comes with a slip lock closure and I.D. tag.

    Our selection of commercial and industrial washers and dryers available through our commercial laundry supplies and industrial laundry supplies is sure to match up to whatever task you may have. Our washers and dryers come either as single standing units that can be placed independently or directly next each other. We also offer washers and dryers through our commercial laundry supplies that come as one stacked unit, which is ideal if space is a problem or you want to have multiple units. We also offer an installation service, so you need not worry about hooking up these units yourself. Of course, our machines are eco-friendly and offer maximum performance. We at GreenPlanet Scientific want to offer you every possible way to make more cleaning and sanitizing needs eco-friendly. We think that you will find the same is offered with our commercial laundry supplies.