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Top Recommended Cleaning and Disinfecting Products

Welcome to GreenPlanet Scientific!

GreenPlanet Scientific offers schools, hospitals, gyms, resorts, golf courses, grocery stores, offices and a variety of businesses a wide selection of environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions for almost any situation. Here, you can choose the perfect eco-friendly disinfectants and products for all your sanitation, laundering, and cleansing needs. Find products ranging from common everyday household eco-friendly disinfectants to industrial sanitizers and everything else in between.

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GreenPlanet Scientific also offers consumers name-brand cleaning products at competitive prices. You will also find a large range of dispensers and equipment designed specifically for our name-brand products. In addition to our industrial sanitizers and name brand cleaning products, GreenPlanet Scientific offers off-brand solutions, including eco-friendly disinfectants. Our generic cleaning solutions meet or exceed the same quality of the more well-known and brand name products on the market.

At GreenPlanet Scientific, our goal is to offer the eco-friendly disinfectants and cleaning solutions that consumers want. Whether you are buying for commercial or industrial needs, a school, office building, or another facility, you can be assured we will have a product for you. If you are making a purchase for a school or a country club, this is our area of expertise and we can provide recommendations for the most suitable cleaning products for each. But we’re not limited to recommending eco-friendly disinfectants and industrial sanitizers for schools and country clubs – our recommendations are applicable for almost any other business cleaning need. In a world where disinfecting and sanitation are key to a healthy world, GreenPlanet Scientific wants to ensure that we are here to help you live a safe, healthy, and eco-friendly lifestyle!