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Wysiwash Hose End Applicator
Price: $130.77
Availability: In Stock
Wysiwash Item #: 9200 -

    View DetailsView Details The WYSIWASH hose-end applicator is made for dispensing WYSIWASH calcium hypochlorite caplets. These caplets are now available in a new convenient 9-pack. This portable, low pH chlorine generator kills bacteria, destroys organic contaminants, and controls algae. The applicator is easy to use with no mixing or mess, just add a caplet to the WYSIWASH dispenser canister. Use with either cold or hot water (149 Degrees F/60 Degrees C), caplets last up to 3 1/2 hours of...

    Karcher PS 4/7 Bp Veterinary-Grade Sprayer/Mister
    Price: $2,045.00
    Availability: Back Ordered
    Karcher Item #: 9700 -

      The Karcher PS 4/7 Veterinary-Grade Sprayer/Misting System is designed to reduce Animal Care Facility Acquired Infections by providing a convenient means of applying sanitizers and disinfectants faster, safer and quieter. Misting provides higher efficacy by improving coverage more efficiently than traditional spray wipe methods. It delivers solutions into the numerous hard to reach corners and crevices that wipe methods can't reach. Rechargeable 12-volt system easily provides a full 8-hours of...

      SkunkAway odor remover
      Price: $95.44
      Availability: In Stock
      Alpha Tech Pet Item #: 5600 -

        SkunkAway will STOP Skunk Smell on Pets Fast! With Neutralization Factor-7 technology - the Safe Way to Permanently Remove Skunk Odors. Best Skunk Odor Removal product available! Veterinarian Recommended! SkunkAway┬« with Neutralization Factor-7 is the only product of its kind developed to completely and permanently neutralize skunk odors. Through a proprietary chain reaction, NF-7 dissembles skunk malodors and reassembles them in a new odor-free matrix, eliminating skunk malodors...

        Hydro Satellite Bucket Filler
        Price: $109.23
        Availability: In Stock
        HydroSystems Item #: 9780 -

          Portable, hose-end dispensing An Easy Way to Dilute Cleaning Solutions Proper sanitization is no easy act, which is why Alpha Tech Pet has worked with companies to design products to make cleaning easy. The Hydro Satellite Bucket Filler dilutes concentrated cleaning products for use in a variety of different containers. This diluting system works well for small or large projects. Affordable Instead of spending a fortune on diluting cleaning products, the Hydro Satellite Bucket Filler will do...