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Safely Return To Work with our COVID-19 Visitor and Staff Safe Entry System

GreenPlanet Scientific has partnered with Sine to help you keep a digital record of your visitors, staff, and contractors

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Automated Temperature Kiosk Gen Two V3 Temperature Screening Kiosks
Price: $2,999.99
Availability: In Stock
986 Labs Item #: 9860 -

    NEW WIFI ENABLED - AUTOMATED TEMPERATURE SCREENING AI KIOSK GENERATION TWO (V3) The 986 Temperature Screening Kiosks are one of the fastest and most accurate systems available. The system provides a safer environment for your employees, patrons and customers. As businesses open up after closures, governors and local governments are requiring parties to be tested for a fever. Establishments will be responsible to create a safer, orderly environment. Our first class product with thermal infrared...

    temperature kiosk stand
    Price: $299.99
    Availability: In Stock
    986 Labs Item #: 9860-P -

      Tall, modern kiosk pedestal. Fast set up. Plug and play. * Temperature screening kiosk not included

      Hygiena EnSURE™ Touch
      Price: $3,054.30
      Availability: Out of Stock
      Hygiena Item #: 9350 -

        Hygiena EnSURE™ Touch Sanitation Verification EnSURE™ Touch is an advanced monitoring system that collects, analyzes and reports data from a variety of long-trusted quality tests, providing rapid and accurate sanitation verification data. EnSURE™ Touch features a 5-inch touch screen, wireless sync technology, and cloud-based software. EnSURE™ Touch is designed to adapt to your workplace, providing the data you need for complex multi-location supply chain monitoring and risk management. The...

        Ultrasnap ATP Test Swabs
        Price: $368.44
        Availability: Out of Stock
        Hygiena Item #: 9352 -

          Hygiena Ultrasnap ATP test swabs are self-contained testing devices used with the SystemSURE Plus ATP meter. They contain a unique liquid-stable reagent, providing more accuracy, longer-lasting signal strength, and better reproducible results than other devices. 100 test swab devices per box. Store between 36° F and 46° F. Samples once taken are good for 4 hours, but once the swab reagents are activated in the device an ATP test needs to be performed within 60 seconds (using the Hygiena...

          Masks Reduce Airborne Transmission

          Masks Reduce Airborne Transmission

          Covid-19 Risk Assessment Chart

          Covid-19 Risk Assessment Chart

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          COVID-19 Updates

          Updated Situation Reports -
          World Health Organization (WHO) Situation Reports

          USA Coronavirus Website -
          USA Coronavirus Website

          Massachusetts Covid-19 Cases, Quarantine and Monitoring -
          Massachusetts Covid-19 Cases, Quarantine and Monitoring

          Navigating Life's Storms - a Biblical Message from Dr. Shawn Seitz
          Biblical Message on Navigating Life's Storms from Dr. Shawn Seitz

          He Makes No Mistakes - a Biblical Message from Dr. Shawn Seitz
          A Biblical Message of Hope from Dr. Shawn Seitz