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GreenPlanet Scientific

Superior Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Schools, Businesses, and Consumers

GreenPlanet Scientific was founded in 2012 by veterinarian Dr. Shawn Eliot Seitz as a subsidiary of Alpha Tech Pet, Inc. With over 30 years of diverse Sanitation Industry experience, Dr. Seitz has utilized his knowledge and experience to develop GreenPlanet's existing line of environmentally sensitive products. Our current product offerings include disinfectants, sanitizers, cleaning products (including microfiber mops, cloths and mitts), pumps and containers, a low-pressure low-flow diluting application system HydroMAID, as well as a cutting-edge "green" non-chemical sanitation generation solution ideally suited for schools and businesses - Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO).

For many of our featured items you will find labels, product literature sheets, interesting information, and SDS sheets readily available online for your use in our education section. If you are a school, local Massachusetts business, grocer, institution or household consumer with environmentally sensitive chemical needs, we're the right place for you. We offer the products and the expertise to make your facility cleaner, safer, and more environmentally sensitive. We pride ourselves in our innovation, excellence in customer service and extensive industry expertise, and stand behind all our products to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We set the standard in the industry that others measure themselves by.

Dr. Seitz also serves as a member of the New England Board for Hope International, a global, faith-based, non-profit organization focused on poverty alleviation through microenterprise development in some of the poorest parts of the world. To learn more about Hope International and to see how you too can be involved in transforming lives and offering hope go to

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