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Eco-Friendly, Enzymatic Drain Cleaner and Drain Odor Eliminator

What’s that nasty smell that you just can’t locate? It’s your drain! Why can’t you seem to keep drains flowing? Because you don’t have a fast acting, eco-friendly drain cleaner/deodorizer and drain maintenance program using Alpha Bio-Drain. Alpha Bio-Drain is a safe, enzymatic drain cleaner and odor eliminator that uses enzymes (bacteria) that literally eat away at all your organic waste that can clog your drain: food, hair, grease… you name it. Our enzymes are actually alive and digest the bad, smelly stuff and turn it into odor-free gas C02 and water. This is much better for the environment because there are no nasty chemicals.

Alpha Bio-Drain is NOT a clog buster

Alpha Bio-Drain is designed to slowly maintain the flow of your drain and pipes in a natural, chemical-free process. Thus, it is recommended to establish a drain maintenance program BEFORE the clog exists.

What’s a drain maintenance program?

Alpha Bio-Drain is the commercial drain cleaner and odor eliminator that acts more like a monthly car detailing wash for your pipes then a onetime de-clogging solution. Just a few ounces every couple of weeks will maintain a fresh smell and assure smooth flowing drains. Our patent-pending, enzymatic technology is the environmentally friendly drain cleaner and odor eliminator that doesn’t act friendly. The enzymes actually produce spores that eat away at grease, hair, dirt and the hardest to contain odors.

When it’s time for an industrial drain cleaner it’s time for Alpha Bio-Drain

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Alpha Bio-Drain will help to safely maintain drains and waste systems when disinfectants are routinely used for cleaning