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    Probiotic Dog Shampoo Concentrate

    PetSuds Premium Hypoallergenic Pet Wash

    PetSuds concentrate probiotic dog shampoo for dogs deeply cleans and conditions your pet’s coat with our special hypoallergenic, biodegradable formula. PetSuds premium concentrate is the only patented, veterinarian formulated, probiotic pet shampoo and conditioner for dogs. PetSuds probiotic dog shampoo easily deep cleans and moisturizes the dog's coat, with a wonderfully calming lavender scent and essential oils, that promotes healing of hotspots, skin allergies and dry, oily or irritated skin.

    But, unlike any other probiotic dog shampoo for dogs, PetSuds premium concentrate goes to work on the digestive system. As your dog grooms he is actually ingesting microorganisms that increase antibodies that promote digestive health. Plus, PetSuds probiotic pet shampoo is a 10 to 1 concentrate so it will lather up like you won't believe.

    Features Benefits
    pH balanced, hypoallergenic Won’t harm your pets while healing hotspots, dry, oily or irritated skin
    All-natural ingredients, sulfate-free Tea tree, geranium, cedarwood and lavender oils soothe and rebalance skin
    6 million probiotic microbes Promote digestive health
    Easy to Use 10 to 1 concentrate makes for easy lathering and easy rinsing

    What are Probiotics?

    Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that provide health benefits when consumed. First, probiotics promote digestive health and maintain digestive balance by replenishing and maintaining healthy intestinal flora while harmful microbes are naturally reduced. Second, probiotics increase antibody production.

    Additionally, PetSuds concentrated probiotic dog shampoo contains 6 million, colony-forming microbes that work directly on the outside by consuming debris and animal body secretions to keep coats healthier while promoting healing of rough, flaky, oily, or irritated skin.

    PetSuds Testimonial

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    PetSuds Label

    PetSuds® Premium Pet Shampoo is a veterinarian formulated, hypoallergenic blend of enhanced ingredients to deeply clean and condition your pet's hair coat, while also promoting digestive health through its special blend of added Probiotics.

    Veterinarian Formulated - U.S. Patent No. 10,111,829

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:
    53 Finlay Rd. Orleans, Ma.


    My groomers love this shampoo! They say it suds well, cleans well and rinses easily. It's just one of Alpha Tech Pet's many great products.


    We have tried several different shampoos on dogs with skin issues, this product has worked by far the best we have ever used.

    Groton, MA

    I have not seen ticks on my dog since I used this shampoo!

    I have a 1 year old yorkie. She is protected with flea, tick and mosquito medicine. My Vet told me this is the worse year she has seen and even though the dogs are protected, it has not stopped ticks from trying to latch on to the animals. I have been pulling off a couple of ticks off of her every day. I shampooed her the other day with PetSuds and have not seen one tick on her since then. It has now been 4 days and still no ticks. Also, I noticed she was biting her paws and she seemed to be itchy. That action has also stopped since I shampooed her with PetSuds. I'm not sure what is in this shampoo, but I am forever grateful for it. I love this product!!!

    I've been using this on my Yorkshire puppy. She's so soft afterwards and she smells great. I also love how she ingests probiotics when she licks her paws, a great bonus!!!