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ENCORE washer and dryer


ENCORE Professional Commercial Washer & Dryer

Cleaning up hair, blankets, and towels is a messy job. ENCORE washers and dryers are built tough to handle the demands of your facility.

Best in Class Equipment and Support

ENCORE laundry equipment is a trusted commercial brand selected for durability, longevity and value. ENCORE’s industrial-grade, soft-mount construction is designed for quick installation on all surfaces and floor levels. The professional results are exceptional. ENCORE is not a home-style machine. It is built to handle 15,000+ cycles and the 22-lb. oversized washing drum is able to accommodate larger loads. The energy conservation standards built into ENCORE washers and dryers deliver results while lowering laundry costs with less water and utility expenses. ENCOREs are also easy to use which means your staff can begin using the machines right after installation. Just-in-Time inventory and Quick-Ship programs maintained by GreenPlanet Scientific provide you with as little down-time as possible. GreenPlanet Scientific's Customer Care support services enhance the back-end relationship to address all questions while ensuring smooth delivery and installation to each location.

ENCORE Features and Benefits

  • Capacity per load, about 60 hand towels, or 30 full size towels
  • Cycles run approximately 40 minutes
  • 300 G-force for greatest water extraction and faster dry time
  • 15,000+ cycle machine life - more than triple the life of appliance type washers
  • Side-by-side or Stacked configuration options
  • Detergent Pumps come with the ENCORE at no additional charge
  • Energy Star, CEE Tier III qualified, and ADA compliant