EDIC Carpet Extractors

EDIC has been dedicated to engineering the highest quality and most innovative carpet cleaning extractors available in the industry. Their tough and durable professional equipment is designed to dramatically improve your productivity and help you work more efficiently and profitably. If you've got carpeting and/or floor mats needing cleaning, this is the equipment of choice for your facility needs.

Better - Polaris

  • Large wheels, adjustable handle and lightweight construction team up for easy handling and storage.
  • Optional accessories quickly attach to the rear of machine for cleaning stairs, upholstery, etc.
  • Patented dual lift-off recovery buckets provide quick and convenient emptying.
  • Patented four-wheel design for balance and reduced turning radius.
  • High speed brush motor and brush guarantee powerful agitation to release deeply embedded soil and grit, extending carpet life.
  • Patented brush system utilizes fully sealed stainless steel ball bearings for years of trouble-free operation.

Best - Supernova

  • Two-way system for forward and reverse operation.
  • Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush and vacuum shoes for easy cleaning of all carpet lengths, uneven floors, and even hard floor surfaces, plus longer brush life.
  • Exclusive “clamshell” body provides fast and easy internal access for quick servicing.
  • Patented lift-off recovery buckets - no drain hose.
  • Fully adjustable handle.
  • Patented 4-wheel design gives extraordinary balance and reduces turning radius for easy maneuverability in tight areas.
  • Side extension for cleaning right to baseboards.
  • Dual spray jets on both sides of the brush suspend the soil for increased pick up and faster drying.